What size should I buy?
Our gowns are sized Small, Medium and Large.
Please order your pre-pregnancy size: Small fits 0-2, Medium fits 4-8 and Large fits 10-14

The center bust/chest measurements are: S (41in around) M (44in) L (47in)

What is the difference between the Birth Gown and the Recovery Gown?           Our Birth Gown is designed for active labor and delivery. The gown accommodates any hospital procedure and fully opens with snaps down the back, snaps on the sleeves, snaps on the sides and a hidden zipper down the front. Our Recovery Gown is the same design and includes the hidden zipper, but has a closed back and closed sleeves.

How many gowns should I buy?
Most new moms like to have two gowns, one Birth Gown, for active labor and delivery, and one Recovery Gown, for the following day, to ease nursing and resting while smiling for photos and visiting friends and family. Some women find they can wear their Birth Gown for their entire hospital stay. Both the Birth Gown and Recovery Gown can be worn as you continue your recovery at home, and work perfectly postpartum. They are soft enough for sleeping and nursing, and stylish enough to be worn out over leggings and even re-used later as a bathing suit cover-up or house dress. 

If I'm having a c-section will I still be able to wear my Della B. gown?
For scheduled C-sections, hospitals typically provide a sterile covering to use during the surgery, but you may wear a Birth Gown or a Recovery Gown while recovering and for the duration of your hospital stay and while recovering at home. In case on an emergency, our gowns are easy to remove, as they snap completely down the back and zip down the front.

How do I wash my gown?
Gowns are machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle with mild detergent and tumble dry low or line dry. Some fading will occur overtime, as our dyes are chemical free.
Can I breastfeed in my gown?
Yes. Our signature-hidden zipper down the front creates easy access for nursing and skin-to-skin that is modest and comfortable.
What if the gown I want is out of stock or backordered?
To inquire when we are getting a certain fabric back in stock, please contact info@della-b.com
Do you offer gift-wrapping?
Yes. Our gowns are a lovely and unique gift for an expecting mom. Our gift wrap packaging is recycled brown paper tied beautifully around the gown with a card that includes your personalized gift message. All gowns come pre-packaged in a drawstring bag of matching fabric.
Do you have sample sales?
To be informed about sample sales, join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I start a wholesale account?
If you are retail store and would like more information on how to carry our line, please email wholesale@della-b.com Please include your store name, location, and website.

What stores in my area carry your line?
If you would like to find a store in your area, email us at info@della-b.com

Have a question that wasn’t answered?
Please contact us with any questions at info@della-b.com. We'd love to hear from you!