Saving Mothers

Every mother should have the opportunity to bring her child into this world safely.

At Della. B, we believe that all women across the globe are entitled to quality reproductive care. Their lives, their children's lives, and the basic fabric of society depends on this. Because of this, Della B. is partnering with Saving Mothers a 501©3 organization dedicated to eradicating preventable maternal deaths and birth-related complications in the developing world. 

Founded and run by medical professionals, Saving Mothers centers on educating and empowering women so they can become active participants in their reproductive health. Saving Mothers provides Safe Birth Kits, Postpartum Hemorrhage Kits, Surgical Interventions, and also educates local healthcare providers through a 16 week training program to ensure that women in low-resource areas have access to the quality of care they deserve. 

To help Saving Mothers in their mission, Della B. will donate $1 for every gown sold to support this life saving work. Together we can help save mothers around the globe.

Maternal health by the numbers: 

One   woman dies every 90 seconds due to pregnancy and childbirth-related complications -- the equivalent of three jumbo jets full of women crashing every day.
343,000   women die in the process of becoming mothers every year, making maternal mortality a major human rights violation.
99%   of maternal deaths occur in the developing world. 
10   is the number of times more likely it is for an orphaned newborn to die in their first two years of life.
30   women experience childbirth-related injury or infection for every one woman who dies in the process.
90%   of women in developing countries deliver their babies outside of a hospital setting
60%    deliver without the aid of a midwife or health professional, relying instead on untrained family and friends.
75%   of neonatal deaths around the globe are completely preventable through low-tech and low-cost solutions

This Little Bag Can Save A Mother’s Life!

Safe Birth Kit


The Safe Birth Kit is designed to help women deliver their babies safely. It contains everyday items like soap to cleanse the birth mothers' perineum, a plastic shower curtain to provide a clean surface for delivery, and a razor blade to cut the umbilical cord. At a cost of only $10, remarkably this kit contains everything that even the most minimally skilled birth attendants need to ensure safe deliveries outside of the hospital setting. Your purchase today of this Safe Birth Kit means that a mother and baby’s risk of infection, and other complications during labor and delivery are greatly reduced. Buy a Safe Birth Kit and help us save a mother today.